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We are a commission foundry which produces castings from grey and ductile iron according to the delivered modell equipments from our customers. We realize new orders according to the drawings or patterns. Processing of production process is obvious to be done. We are able to work out the documentation in 2D and 3D as well as produce the modellequipment according to the delivered casting sample.


Melting is provided in the twin middfrequence furnaces with the capacity 2 x 5 tonns. The furnaces are equipped with the efficient system of catching of solid emissions produced by company BMD GARANT. We cast grey iron in qualities ČSN 422415, 422420 and 422425 ( GG 15 – GG 25, GG 25 only under the higher volume of the commission ), ductile iron quality GGG 40 and GGG 50.


In the foundry are casted machine moulded castings into synthetic bentonite mixtures. The moulding production runs on two automatic moulding lines whose moulding machines come from German company Heinrich Wagner Sinto with the sign HSP-3D and FBO4.

Frame moulding line HSP-3D – moulding runs on the principle of blowing by pressed air thanks to SEIATSU valves with the following finish-pressing. The moulding frames 850x850x200 mm are used by moulding on this line with the possibility of increasing of the semi-moulding with 50 mm. The productivity of the line has been designed for 50 mouldings per hour.

Moulding line FBO 4 – it means modern frameless moulding line with horizontal mould parting and capacity 100 mouldings per hour. Mould dimensions 700x600x180-250/180-250 mm.

The company KASI spol.s r.o.has built the lines for these moulding machines. The technology of both moulding machines enables the production of very accurate castings in the accuracy class GTB 16 and higher. Also enables to reach lower weight of castings compared the previous way of moulding. The moulding mixture for both lines is prepared in a new sand preparing plant equipped with a modern turbine mixer MTI-2500 from company TECHNICAL with automatic regulated process of water proportioning from company MICHENFELDER and continuous fluidized cooler of returnable mixture ALEX06 from TECHKON company. The line as well the sand plant are managed by computer. The exhaust and filtration of exhausted air for both technologies are ensured. The results of emission measurement behind the filters demonstrated deep reduction of emission limits. The company has hereby realized the next step to the outstanding improvement of enviroment.


For the core production the foundry has been equipped with the technology COLD-BOX. The core mixture has been prepared on the continual core mixer T36/3 from IMF company Italy equipped with RESOL technology with hardening through CO2. We have been equipped with the core machine BICOR-ROTO 4 with the volume of shooting of core mixture up to 16 liters. This machine can produce cores in 4 different core boxes at the same time. We have expanded the core plant with Roper 40 with the volume of core mixture up to 40 liters. Röper 40 was determined to produce bigger cores of electroengines and similar to them. Because of increasing of the production capacity the BICOR-DISCO 4 with the volume 16 liters of mixture in the core box. The machine enables to produce 4 different cores. We use the technology of shooting machine KCBS12 for the assortment of smaller cores.

Pattern shop

An own pattern shop is available in the company. Qualified workers produce modell equipment from the required material. It means wood, resin, aluminium and steel. The service of modell equipments owned by customer is ensured as well. The technical documentation for modell production is accepted in common drawings as well electronic documentation delivered on any medium or sent by email is acceptable.


The company is certificated according to standards ISO 9001-2009 which warrants that all processes related to the quality of the resulting product have been elaborated and kept in the certified company. The quality of the iron is proved by spectrum analyser SPECTROMAX LMX 05, the quality is continuously evaluated by thermoanalyzer.

Finishing operations, dispatch

According to the requirement of the customer we deliver the castings just grinded or painted in synthetic red colour or asphalt varnish. We are able to ensure other surface finish of castings, for example resistant powder in different shades or hot-dip galvanizing. According to the customer´s wish we can offer hardening, machining ( turning, milling, boring etc.) both on concentional and on NC and CNC machines. We machine the castings also on own machining centres DOOSAN. We deliver the castings packed on own EURO paletts or on paletts delivered by customer. We provide protective packing with plastic shrinkable foil. We are able to ensure the transport to the customer.

Gallery from the operation

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