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Cancelled technologies

Cancelled technologies

Since 2001 the large reconstruction of the foundry has started while some technologies were cancelled and substitued with more productive ones.

1995 – stopping of hand moulding on the side body of the foundry replaced by moulding line DISAMATIC

2000 – wet technology of cupola exhaust was replaced with dry fabric filters

2001 – cancelling of the technology of moulding on moulding machines Foromat and Retomat, replaced with automatic moulding line HSP – 3D

2004 – cancelling of iron melting in cupola furnace – substitued by midfrequence induction melting room

- cupola exhaust and in the end of the year also holding furnaces PIKS 12 put out of service

- faulty sand mixer STOTZ put out of order and replaced with rotational mixer TECHNICAL

2006 – the technology of cupola exhaust was removed

2007 – cupola furnaces removed, production on moulding line DISAMATIC cancelled

2008 – technology of filtration of exhausted air in a wet way completely finished

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