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Castings for engineering

Machine production was formarly the branch, to which most of production of the foundry led up. Because of reduction of production of machine works in the nineties the output of delivered castings was put down and only in the latest two years the market with those castings is revived again. As an example we can mention castings for PCC MORAVA-CHEM, SIGMA PUMPY Hranice.

Castings for elektrotechnic industrySchéma Vtokové mříže pro dvorní vpusti třídy A 30 a B 125
včetně kalových košů

Castings for elektrotechnic industry belongs to the hinge assortment of the produced iron.                                                                                                   

The castings for SIEMENS Elektromotory s.r.o. are mainly concerned.

We insist on quality of surface, perfect surface prevention and iron quality.

The machining is ensured on 2 CNC carusel machines DOOSAN and milling machine MCV 1000 QUICK from the company KOVOSVIT MAS.

The measurement and checking is realized on the peak device Crysta Apex from company Mitutoyo.

Constructive Iron

GIFF a.s. cooperating with company KASI Pardubice s.r.o. supplies the only comprehensive system in CR according to ČSN EN 124  Standard ČSN EN 124.

Sewage manholes for access shaft of class A 15, B 125 and D 400.

Gully gratings for street and yard gullies of class A 15, B 125, C 250 and D 400 inluding sewage baskets.

Standard ČSN EN 124

The norm specifies construction principles, which guarrantee high quality, long service life and excellent custom´s properties of products. These principles, which have to be followed by producers, come out of experience gained by using in EU-countries for a long-time.

To these principles belong:

  • fasten the cover in frame against jumping up
  • ensure the quality of bearing surfaces of cover and frame
  • following minimal dimensions for safety and comfortable step
  • the filling of covers and frames are produced from concrete mixtures cl.B45, resistant to frost and     salt. (mark BEGU)

The offered shaft covers norm ČSN EN 124 are divided into several load classes according to their purpose of use:

  • A 15 - working areas which only pedestrians or bicyclist can use, and similar areas, e.g. grassed
  • B 125 - pavements, pedestrian zones and similar areas, parking places for cars
  • C 250 - valid only for gratings built-in in direct vicinity of kerbs, intervens max. 0,5 m into the drive and 0,2 m into pavement
  • D 400 - lanes (as well as pedestrian zones), parking places and comparable fasted working areas

The figure behind the number which marks several classes represents the testing force in kN. Upon this force are the covers in the strenght test gone in. The real loading represents cca 1/4 of this value.

The system of individual motives for beautifying your town.

SIGMA PUMPY Hranice s.r.o.

SIGMA PUMPY Hranice s.r.o.

SIEMENS Elektromotory s.r.o.

SIEMENS Elektromotory s.r.o.
Cover, avenue and court let in classes

Cover, avenue and court let in classes
Other sorts foundry

Other sorts foundry
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